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All About Us

Your Perfect Handy Man Ed Mattey – Owner / Operator side.JPG

            Florida Certified General Contractor

also Licensed in:

Home Inspection



Asphalt and Concrete Paving


The owner of the business Ed Mattey has been in the construction business for over 30 years.  He started out doing roofing work, specializing in both slate and metal roofs.  Ed worked construction to pay for college where he received his degree in engineering.  After college he went to work for various companies.  He had the chance to be involved in projects that some can only imagine.  He worked 360 feet underground as a mining engineer, and constructed triple span highway bridges as a resident construction engineer, while always building, or remodeling homes in his free time.        


Turning to his passion, Ed formed Mattey Construction Company in South Carolina where as a General Contractor he still holds licenses in Home Inspection, Building, Grading, Asphalt and Concrete Paving.  He built, and remodeled homes hands-on from the foundation to the roof and everything in between.  


A move to sunny Florida, new people, and great climate, Ed (a Florida Certified General Contractor) decided to continue in the construction business, and formed Mattey Construction LLC, doing business as The Perfect Handy Man. 



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Customer Satisfaction                          front.JPG


Tired of waiting for the other handy man??


The Perfect Handy Man:

Ø  Returns your calls.

Ø  Needs no start up money.

Ø  Guarantees the work.

Ø  Cleans up at the end of each day.

Ø  Is Licensed AND Insured.

Ø  Finishes your project in a timely manner.

Ø  Schedules your project promptly. (Keeps you informed about your work scheduling, and will call if scheduling changes.)

Ø  Sends only the labor force needed to perform the work, in order to keep your final bill at a minimum.

Ø  Listens to your needs, and will offer suggestions and options so that you get a quality job for the lowest price.

Ø  We are here to help you, so if you feel that you want to lend a hand, by all means do so.


We are professional in our work and appearance.


Deciding on a name for a business was a difficult task.  A cartoon depicting a woman waiting for “The Perfect Man” waited so long that she was now just a skeleton.   This picture is not unlike many individuals whom we all know that are still waiting for a contractor, repairman or handyman.


Well as we all know not all men are perfect (so most women think) but here at “The Perfect Handy Man” we strive for perfection. 


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What We Do

q  Pressure Washing

q  Carpentry - Interior and Exterior

q  Trim work – baseboard, chair rails, crown moldings

q  Kitchen & bath remodel – vanity, cabinet, countertop replacement, lighting and exhaust fans

q  Concrete – drives, sidewalks, patios

q  Plumbing - Faucets, toilet repair and replacement, etc

q  Light Fixtures, ceiling fans and switches

q  Interior and Exterior door replacement or repair

q  Custom bookshelves and entertainment centers

q  Skylights and attic fans

q  Pull down garage stairs

q  Screen and rescreen

q  Decks and privacy fence

q  Caulk tubs, windows, doors

q  Handicap - Grab Bars, and ramps

q  Mail boxes, bird feeders, bird houses, flower trellis

q  Garage storage, and garage openers

q  Windows, screens and storm doors

q  Window blinds, curtain rods, shelves

q  Clean or replace gutters and downspouts

q  Hang pictures

q  Home / garage / attic / yard - clean up, organize, and hauling.



q  Selling your home – You have only ONE chance to make a FIRST impression.  Cleaning, and repairing your home before you sell or list it will make your home look it’s best and increase the marketability.  Appearance is 99% of marketability.  Many individuals purchasing a home negotiate price after they see that the condition of the home is not as they expected.  Often the seller gives up more in the negotiation process than the actual cost of repairs.  Although yearly maintenance may have been lacking in past years, we can make your home look virtually new again.  (The Perfect Handy Man can quote you a special price for this work.)

q  Just purchased a home - Everyone who has purchased a home knows that what is perfect for the original owner is often not what we want.  New homeowners repaint, clean, install shelving, or even remodel.  The Perfect Handy Man can make you new house a home before you move in. 

q  Realtors looking for repairs before closing – Down to the wire and the seller and buyer are not in agreement on the repairs that need to be made before closing.  Our experience has shown that most items listed as deficient on a Home Inspection Report can be repaired in less than a day’s time and most often 3 to 4 hours. 

q  Out of town property owner / Landlord – Let us do the maintenance for you.  We are your one stop shop for all of your regular maintenance and repair needs.  We guarantee timeliness and our work is unsurpassed.


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Water Damage:    beforebehan9     behan7 after behan5


Built in Bookcase and Entertainment Center:                               DSC00001DSC00017.JPGDSC00018.JPG



Kitchen Remodel:        kitchen remod       kitc rem 



Doors:   evedoor   


Check back for more projects in the future!


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Contact Information                        



5440 SE 4th Pl

Ocala, Fl. 34480

Office phone:

(352) 266-2202


Certified General Contractor: CGC1511183   



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Our System & Pricing                lyrme.jpg

How it works

  1. You can call or e-mail us at the address listed above to discuss items that need attention.  Often when we are in your neighborhood, we will send flyers to inform you that we will be working nearby.  This is your best chance to get a 10% neighborhood discount.
  2. You will be scheduled for the work to be performed.
  3. You may or may not have purchased the supplies for the job (i.e. blinds, shelves, lumber, light fixtures etc.), an idea of all of the work that you want done will allow The Perfect Handy Man to bring all of the supplies, right tools, and other incidentals.
  4. It helps if the area that the work is to be performed has adequate room to work.  This is something you can do to reduce your costs.    





Ø  We bill by the hour for small jobs, or we can give you a quote by the job. 

If you only need a small amount of work done, get with your neighbor and see if they can also use our services.  If we can reduce our travel time from job to job, we will gladly pass the savings on to you.  That is why we advertise neighborhood specials when we are in the area.  


Ø  Some items have set prices: (prices are for 1 story home unless otherwise noted)

      Press wash flatwork                                                                        (sf price) or $350.00/ 8 hr day

      Press Wash House                                                                         $1/lft 1 story  $2/lft 2story

      Standard window installation                                                        $125.00 each

      Standard interior pre-hung door, bi-fold door, or sliding door  $100.00 each

      Standard exterior door                                                                    $250.00

      Standard exterior double door                                                       $490.00

      Standard 6 foot replacement patio door                                       $250.00

      Interior base trim                                                                              $2.00/ft

      Crown molding                                                                                 $5.50 and up per foot

      Clean gutters                                                                                    $55.00

      Vacuum dryer vent                                                                          $45.00

      Clean ceiling fans                                                                           $7.00 each




Ø “It is referrals from our satisfied customers who trust us, know the quality of our work and our work ethics, which makes our business what it is today.”


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Thanks for visiting… until next time… I leave you with my vision of Florida from the St. John’s River.